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In this lesson, let’s set up a configurable product for our new shop.

Configurable Products in Magento

A configurable product differs from other product types in that it has…configurations. In other words, there will be options that your customer can choose from. If it was a shirt, for example, your customer might be able to choose from different sizes, cuts, and colors.


It is important to note that in Magento, each configuration winds up being a unique product. So in your store’s back-end, you’ll see each configuration listed individually. On the front-end, your customers will only see one product with options they can choose from.


To get started, you’ll need to use the navigation menu to browse to Catalog, and then Products.

Catalog Products

To create a new configurable product, click on the drop-down arrow next to Add Product and select Configurable Product.

Add Configurable Product

Create Configurations

You’ll need to enter all of the required information for your new product – Name, SKU, Price, etc. – and then find the Configurations heading. When you expand this area, you’ll see a button that says Create Configurations.

Create Configurations

When you click on Create Configurations, a new window will pop up. This is where you will set up the attributes that your customers can use to customize the product. Select the attributes you want to use from the list – if you don’t have any attributes listed, you may want to watch our video on Adding Attributes to Configurable Products!

Click the Next button when you have selected the attributes you want to use for your configurations.

Assign Attribute Values

In step two, you’ll need to assign attribute values. For example, if you’re using color as one of your configurable attributes, you’ll need to choose which colors are offered on this product. You can check one or all of the boxes for your attribute values. Do this for each attribute (color, size, cut, etc.) and then click Next to proceed.

Create Configurations

Bulk Update Images and Price

In step three, you’ll need to set up your images, prices, and quantities for the configurations. For each, you can:


    • Apply a single image, price, and/or quantity to all configurations


    • Apply unique images, prices, and/or quantities to each configuration


  • Skip adding images, prices, and/or quantities

This gives you the flexibility to make all of your configurations the same, or, if you want to make each configuration unique in terms of the image, price, and/or quantity you can do so!

Review Products to be Created

In step four you can review a summary of the configurations. You will see a listing of each configuration’s attribute values as well as its associated image, price, and quantity.

Generate Associated Products

Make sure that everything looks good and then click Generate Products to complete the process.

Magento will automatically generate all configurations of your product. When this process is completed, you’ll see another listing of all configurations in your New Product screen.

View Configurable Simples

To save your configurable product, simply click the Save button in the upper right corner.

Save Configurable Product

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