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In this lesson, let’s take a look at adding watermarks to our media gallery images.

Magento Watermark Images

A watermark is a piece of text or a graphic that is added to an image, usually to ensure that any copies made of the image cannot be passed off as originals. This protects the author of the image from having their work stolen and passed off as somebody else’s. In Magento, you have the ability to add a watermark to your media gallery images that are removed when they are successfully purchased.


To get started, let’s assume that we already have a product in our catalog. In this example, we have a photo that we’re selling. It looks like this:

Magento Product Photo


Now, anyone could make a copy of this image from our shop – screenshot it, click and copy, etc. We want to put a watermark on this image so that any copies are clearly just that – copies.

Settings are in the Content Section

Using the navigation bar, browse to Content, then Configuration.

Content Design Configuration


On the Design Configuration page, find the store that you want to configure. Under the Action column, click on the Edit link for the store.

Edit Store

On the Store View page, scroll down to the Other Settings heading. Look for the Product Image Watermarks sub-heading and click on it to expand.

Watermark Subheading

Upload Watermark

This is where you’ll find sections where you can add a watermark to your base, thumbnail, small, and swatch images.

Upload Watermark Image

Set Watermark Opacity

You can upload an image – when this is done, a preview will appear. You can also set a custom image opacity, image size, and image position.

Set Watermark Opacity

When you are finished configuring your watermark image, click the Save Configuration button in the upper right corner.


Now, let’s take a look at our example image again – this time, we’ll see that there is a watermark across it.

Product Image With Watermark

If I take a screenshot or copy the image location and try to bypass the watermark…guess what – it’s still there. My image is now protected from potential copycats.

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