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In this lesson, let’s talk about image placeholders in Magento.

Magento Placeholder Images

Sometimes you need to create a product but you don’t have an image to associate with the product yet. That’s okay! Whether you’re just getting your shop set up or you need to publish a product while waiting for the perfect product photo, Magento has an option for you: placeholders.


A placeholder is an image you can use on a temporary basis. You’ve probably seen them before – they’re usually a generic image indicating that an actual photo isn’t available yet.

Replace the Default Image

By default, Magento will use a placeholder image of the Magento logo. But if you’d prefer something customized, here’s how you can upload a new placeholder image.


From the Magento dashboard, use the navigation menu to browse to Stores, then Configuration.

Stores Settings Configuration


On the Configuration page, scroll down the page until you see the Catalog header. Click to expand the Catalog header and then click on the Catalog menu option.

Configuration Catalog Catalog


On the Catalog configuration page, scroll down until you see the Product Image Placeholders heading and click to expand it. You’ll be presented with four different image placeholders that you can replace with your own images – base, small, swatch, and thumbnail.

Upload Placeholders

For each placeholder image size you’d like to replace, just click the Browse button and select a file from your local storage. Once a file has been uploaded, the file name will be displayed.

Save to Upload

When finished, click the Save Config button in the upper right corner to save your changes.


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