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Let’s take a look at the WooCommerce menu items! 

Starting from the WordPress dashboard, use the left-side navigation bar and scroll down to WooCommerce. By default, the WooCommerce menu will have the following sub-menus:

  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Reports
  • Settings
  • System Status
  • WooCommerce Extensions

As additional plug-ins or extensions are added, the WooCommerce sub-menus will change to show the extra options. 

WooCommerce Orders Menu

Orders WooCommerce Menu

The Orders menu is used for viewing and managing orders, as you might expect. Just as with many aspects of WooCommerce, managing this data is fairly intuitive and easy to organize.

WooCommerce Coupons Menu

Coupons WooCommerce Menu

The Coupons menu is used for viewing and adding coupons, discounts, and tracking campaigns. The tabs across the top of the Coupons page allow the store manager to add, edit, and remove coupons as well as generate coupons in bulk or import them. You can also send store credits from the Coupons page.

WooCommerce Reports

Reports WooCommerce Menu

Moving on, the Reports page covers data on sales, customers, coupons, stock, etc. Various reporting filters are offered such as date, product, category, etc. Tracking store data through Reports is a great way to increase conversions by gaining a better understanding of consumer behavior!

WooCommerce Settings Menu

Settings WooCommerce Menu

The Settings menu contains all of the settings used to configure WooCommerce. This includes how you can set up pages, a catalog of products, shipping, and payment options, as well as notifications and emails for the store manager and customers.

WooCommerce Status Page

Status WooCommerce Menu

The Status page is useful for troubleshooting on your own or finding information that a development support team might need to help you out. WooCommerce offers links to get system reports and understand the status reports on this page.

WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce Extensions Menu Item

The Extensions page connects store managers with plugins and add-ons, both free and premium, that can provide greater functionality and flexibility for unique needs. WooCommerce comes packed with a lot of features by default but extending WooCommerce for shipping and payment processing is very common. As every store is unique in their particular needs, WooCommerce extensions offer very specific solutions for all types of businesses.

WooCommerce Products Menu

Products WooCommerce Menu

WooCommerce also provides a Products menu. Within the Products menu, you’ll find a listing of all products in the store as well as links to add new products, categories, tags, and attributes that will make managing and navigating your store much easier!

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