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With any product, there will be a variety of questions. This is unavoidable. WooCommerce is no exception. While Automattic (the parent company of WooCommerce) has many capable and thoughtful experts on staff, the fact remains that WooCommerce is a free product without a fully decked-out call center. So, live support from WooCommerce headquarters is not something you can currently count on, unfortunately. Trying to contact WooCommerce may not be easy, but we’d like to make it easier.

On their contact page, you will find a few options for figuring out your particular problem.

WooCommerce Support, Three Ways

Basic Questions (AKA FAQs)

This brings you to the FAQ page. This is an obvious way for Woo to cut down on the quantity of support tickets they receive. The FAQ page is extensive, covering everything from the most basic Woo queries (“What is a theme?) to more complex asks (“How Do Keys Work with a Multisite Network?”). If you have a simple question about WooCommerce, you may not need to talk to a human at all. This page might just have you covered.

Technical Questions (Support Ticket System Route)

If your question elevates above the level of the basic query, you’ll have to look beyond the FAQ page to Technical Questions. This will ask you to submit a support ticket. This is the truest route to human interaction, a contact form. All Automattic employees start out in support in order to fully understand their product.

Sales Questions (Submit a Query)

For all pre-sales questions that cannot be answered by the FAQ page, you have the option to submit a query. In this contact form, you’ll provide your name, email address, username (if you are a member), a subject line, and your message. Then you wait patiently for a response. Go outside, catch up on emails, call your mother – whatever you want.


WooCommerce Support Emails

If your questions have not been adequately answered by the above means, you can try emailing your question to one of the following addresses:

As email is not the suggested method for contacting WooCommerce, it is not guaranteed that your query will be answered right away. You might just end up at one of the above portals for your support needs.


What is the Phone Number for WooCommerce?

As WooCommerce is a free product, there is no live option for support. In this instance, the answer to “who you gonna call?” is nobody. Put the phone down.

While this may be disheartening for those needing immediate help, there are plenty of resources in the form of support forums and message boards out there for DIYers to solve just about any issue.


WooCommerce Help Forums

In the absence of actual contact with an Automattic employee (WooCommerce’s parent company), there are always forums. WooCommerce fanatics are all over the place and willing to provide their expert support for free on forums across the web. Rest assured, the WooCommerce community runs deep.

The WooCommerce support forum on has over 1400 pages of answered Woo questions. Many times, the expert answering your question here is an employee of Automattic, so you can be sure that you are getting the best answer.

The WordPress Development Stack Exchange site is more broadly about WordPress but WooCommerce questions are encouraged and will happily find answers.

Sometimes, it is important to be able to get answers to really noob questions. For that, there is WooBeginner.

If you are on Slack, join the WooCommerce Slack community to interact directly with devs, experts, and users throughout the world. This is a great way to get more immediate responses from a group of very engaged enthusiasts.

As with any eCommerce platform, there will be bugs. In the “issues” section of the WooCommerce github page, you can report bugs and issues by clicking the “New issue” button as well as read through previously reported issues like any forum.


Find Your WooCommerce Experts

All around the globe, there are companies that are chock full of Woo expertise. The WooExperts page lists out these capable WooCommerce development teams (of which builtmighty is one). If you have a WooCommerce project you’d like to get off the ground or some modification work you need help with, this is the place to find an expert you can trust.

Your team is about to get a whole lot mightier.

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