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In this lesson, let’s focus on creating grouped products in Magento.

Creating Grouped Products

A grouped product is simply several standalone products that have been lumped together to make purchasing easier or potentially most cost-effective for your customers. Each product in the group can still be purchased individually.


To get started, you’ll first need to use the navigation menu to browse to Catalog, and then Products.

From the Products page, click on the Add Product drop-down and choose Grouped Product.

Add Grouped Product


Just like any other product, you’ll first need to enter required information like a product name, SKU, and price. You can also add any other product attributes that are relevant to this grouping.

Required Product Information

Adding Products to Group

After entering attribute information, you’ll then need to scroll down to the Grouped Products heading and click on the “Add Products to Group” button.


The Add Products to Group window will open. You’ll see your product catalog, and you’ll be able to check a box next to each product that you want to add to your new group.


Note that you can also use the Filters option to locate products and product types with ease.

Add Selected Magento Products

Once you have selected products for your group, click on the “Add Selected Products” button.


You’ll see that your selected products have now been added under the Grouped Products heading. Using the first column, you can re-arrange the products within the group. You can also update the default quantity, or you can delete products from the group.


And that’s it! You can continue modifying the grouped product using more advanced features, and once you’re ready to publish the group you just need to click the “Save” button.

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