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Building traffic and encouraging customer loyalty with a custom subscription program.

Revitalizing Functionality for a Luxury Store

When they contacted us, Antica Farmacista was looking for a team of developers experienced enough to perform complex customizations within the Magento platform. Their success in department stores wasn’t translating to their online business, so they also needed us to help bring customers to their website.

Issues with a lack of responsiveness and accuracy in previous development work forced Antica Farmacista into searching for a new web development company. Their eCommerce site was slow and didn’t function properly in Internet Explorer. On-page optimization was low and the store didn’t rank well in Google searches. In addition to these problems, Antica’s staff was having issues running and updating their store.

Antica Farmacista

Auto-Replenish System

Built Mighty integrated a subscription service allowing Antica’s customers to schedule the arrival of favorite items for as often as they would like. The Auto-Replenish System allows customers to manage the frequency, quantity and exact delivery date of their next shipment.

Sample Request Module

To encourage customers to experience the full range of Antica products, we created a custom module at checkout which allows them to select two specific samples.

Increased Visibility

A full SEO audit and update of the site, making sure that searchers were able to find it when entering “luxury fragrances”, “reed diffuser” and other terms on Google.

An Ongoing Relationship

Since the incorporation of their new features and the various search engine optimization strategies that Built Mighty enacted, the Antica Farmacista website has seen an increase in traffic and sale.  The business is selling more products and employees are now confident when operating the website.

Antica Farmacista

Antica was so happy with the quality support that they received, they signed up for Built Mighty’s maintenance program, ensuring they would receive the same level of service for all future updates.

We were first drawn to Built Mighty’s hands-on approach to customers. They had open lines of communication compared to other web development companies and [the cbw team] has been great about making it a joint experience. It makes a difference having a tech team you can rely on.

Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista

Antica Farmacista

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