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Demonstrating 150% growth by building an intuitive program for a popular subscription service.

Improving User Experience

For customers and employees

Funko had a fantastic product with customers who anxiously awaited each product release. Unfortunately, the company was struggling with a clunky subscription service that wasn’t meeting their needs. With unhappy customers and overwhelmed employees, Funko knew it needed to overhaul the subscription service to something more reliable, visually intuitive, quicker, easier to update, and reflective of their community and brand.


Built Mighty stepped in and completely removed the existing system, developing a new custom subscription program. This enabled Funko’s profits to fly and allowed them to launch two new subscription-based websites: Legion of Collectors (DC themed subscription boxes) and Smuggler’s Bounty (Star Wars themed subscription boxes).


Comprehensive Theming

Our team took a custom theme based off Funko’s designs and implemented it over numerous subscription websites.

Inventory Management System

This system was built to meet the needs of the Funko team and included reporting tools for creating reliable projections for upcoming campaigns. The inventory management system also provided users with a reliable method of understanding inventory status in its current state.

Members Only Section

This custom dynamic interface read each subscriber’s status and enabled “members” to have a personalized store view with options that weren’t available to other users.

Creating a Personalized Subscription Program

At the center of the project was a custom subscription program that included features allowing Funko to operate their popular service efficiently and with minimal stress. Built on the Woo platform, this program included an automated shipment tracking and upload system. It also gave Funko employees the ability to dynamically switch products, as, due to their subscription method their products change each month. Customers now have the ability to painlessly manage their subscriptions and the new program integrates with tax software.


When we started working with Built Mighty we had roughly 50,000 subscribers and around 8,000 open tickets at any given point in time. This means that roughly 15% of our customers were coming back with inquiries. Currently, we have around 150,000 subscribers and have between 300-1,000 open tickets at any time, depending on our current development cycle. We’ve absolutely brought down customer problems and concerns.

Those numbers speak wonders for Built Mighty. We’ve seen results in revenue but also in terms of the experience had by our customers.

Jenny Arnold



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