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There’s no doubt that digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. It is a complex thing, including literally dozens of diverse channels. Among these, email marketing remains one of the most valuable of all marketing strategies, consistently delivering the best return on investment.

More than 82% of all enterprises today use email marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. Of those companies who use marketing automation, 95% of them use email marketing.

Statistics prepared by the Epsilon Email Institute show that automated email messages have a 15.2 % higher click-through rate than do standard marketing messages. Further, they have a 70.5% higher open rate, so more messages are read in the first place.

There is a whole slew of other statistics which support the value of email marketing, and of email automation specifically. This is undoubtedly why there are so many software companies today who have devoted themselves to developing excellent email marketing and automation platforms.

Email marketing platforms can support an overall email marketing strategy that allows for businesses to send drip campaigns, promotional emails, and create an e-newsletter. All of these tactics help companies add in a touch point for their customers, sell more, and develop an overall tone for their company voice.

There are many of them which might compete for the title of ‘best email marketing software for small business’, but all of them are very good in their own special ways. Here are 17 of the best of these email marketing software platforms, in no particular order.

1. Listrak

listrak email marketing automation

Listrak is an email marketing service which helps you collect and unify customer data along with their purchasing signals. It also provides intelligent orchestration and automation to streamline your operations. It allows you to engage better by offering efficient cross-channel interactions, and it supports your business relationships by providing customer lifecycle analytics.

2. Sendloop Email Marketing

sendloop email marketing

Sendloop allows you to refine your drip campaigns by targeting the right people. With it, you can funnel contacts into very specific campaigns while tracking contact movement on your site, helping to improve your messaging in the future.

3. Email Studio (formerly Exact Target)

email studio salesforce

Exact Target has now changed its name to Email Studio, but it’s still at the top of our list for enterprise email solutions. It has now become one component of Salesforce’s massive unified platform for marketing, sales, and service, combining all the marketing essentials into one complete package.

4. Aweber

Aweber email marketing

Aweber offers personalized email marketing and automation on a time-saving platform. It is easy to use and makes a point of simplicity of operation. The automation tools provided help you launch automated email sequences, tag and segment your subscribers based on behavior, and send one-time promotional emails or newsletters. You can then track the success of each marketing campaign on their dashboard.

5. Bronto

oracle bronto email marketing

Bronto is an Oracle partner which is known for its sophisticated commerce marketing automation. They provide increased engagement with contacts, as well as the opportunity to maximize revenues through business growth. It is one of the leading email service providers in the world for many of the top eCommerce retailers, with functionality included to upsell, cross-sell, and analyze abandoned carts.

6. Emma

emma email marketing service

This easy-to-use platform makes advanced functionality such as automation, segmentation, and personalization, available to all your team members, regardless of their skill levels. Collaboration is one of the strong suits of this very powerful email marketing software, and it’s at the top of the list for email marketing best practices.

7. InfusionSoft

Infusionsoft email marketing

Infusionsoft facilitates the best communications between you and your customers by storing all exchanges in one place so that you can see, at a glance, what the latest status is on tasks, email results, and sales opportunities.

8. Hubspot

HubSpot marketing services

Hubspot provides a complete stack of software for customer service, sales, and marketing, as well as a full CRM system besides. The combined potential of these integrated software programs can build deeper relationships with your clients, and fuel growth for your business.

9. Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor email marketing service

Campaign Monitor has helped more than 200,000 businesses take their email marketing to the next level by delivering eye-catching newsletters and emails which promote maximum engagement with readers, through beautifully personalized email marketing.

10. MailChimp

Mailchimp email marketing

Mailchimp is well known for being the world’s largest marketing automation platform. It prides itself on functioning like a ‘second brain’ to help millions of customers find their true audience and engage with them, while also building their brands into more powerful and more successful enterprises.

11. GetResponse

getresponse email marketing

GetResponse allows you to automate all your emails simply. They also give you the ability to host engaging webinars, grow your email list substantially, and build landing pages that result in more conversions. Beyond that, you can use the CRM to close more deals and create optimized email sequences with unlimited time-based auto-responders.

12. Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing

Constant Contact helps you to develop perfect-looking emails every time. Its customizable templates are extremely easy to use and the built-in editor makes the customization process a breeze. Every kind of email you choose to send out will have a highly professional and attractive appearance, reflecting very favorably on your company.

13. Campaigner

campaigner marketing email

Campaigner is known for its easy-to-use email marketing features. These include the campaigner API, segmentation, reporting, auto-responders, social integration, social sharing, localization, user management, purchase behavior, workflows, dedicated delivery, A/B split testing, geo-location, real-time ads, and exclusion lists.

14. Vertical Response

vertical response email marketing

Vertical Response provides everything that’s necessary for running a successful email campaign. With this software, you’ll be able to create, send, and monitor emails that look terrific, regardless of the type of device they are being viewed upon.

15. Drip

drip email marketing service

Drip offers a broad range of tools on their smart email marketing platform. The software is recognized as one of the most beginner-friendly email marketing services on the market. Drip also has integration add-ons available for most of the most popular website builders such as WordPress and WooCommerce.

16. ConvertKit

ConvertKit email marketing

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform intended for professional bloggers, marketers, and authors, yet it’s extremely easy to use and very powerful. Also included with it are easy to manage auto-responders, which allow you to make easy work of drip emails.

17. Active Campaign

active campaign email marketing

Active Campaign takes you beyond email marketing with true marketing automation, sales CRM, and messaging. It provides all the tools you’ll need to establish and maintain meaningful connections with contacts, so as to promote your business and power real growth.

Hopefully, this list has led you in the right direction for your email marketing needs. With such great statistics on ROI, it is definitely worth it to pay for a great automation service.

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