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How Do I Set Up USPS in WooCommerce?

Let’s talk about how to set up USPS in WooCommerce to offer more options to your customers.

USPS (United States Postal Service) is one of the premium shipping gateways available through WooCommerce. With the USPS extension, USPS shipping rates can automatically be pulled and displayed using the USPS API.

WooCommerce Shipping Settings

To get started, use the WordPress navigation bar and browse to WooCommerce -> Settings.

From the Settings screen, click on the Shipping tab.

First, you’ll need to enable USPS shipping and enter your USPS credentials. Using the shipping gateway submenu, click on USPS.

Enter USPS Account Information

On the USPS page, enter your USPS account information. You can also enable debug mode if you want debugging messages to appear during cart/checkout.

Add USPS as Shipping Zone

Once USPS shipping is enabled, you can add it to a shipping zone. Browse to the shipping zones page and edit one of your zones, or create a new one.

From the edit zone page, click on “Add new method”.

In the dialogue box that appears, select USPS from the drop-down menu.

Once USPS has been added as a shipping method, you can rearrange your methods so that they appear during checkout in the order you want them to. You can also hover over the USPS method and click the edit to link to continue configuring the method.

USPS Editing Options

From within the editing screen, you can:

  • Update the method title
  • Choose which USPS rates to offer to customers
  • Provide a fallback rate in the event that no USPS rates are returned for a customer
  • Choose which flat rates to offer
  • Choose which API rates to offer

You can find all of our WooCommerce shipping tutorials on our tutorial page. We cover all parts of the WooCommerce admin experience.

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