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How Valhalla DSP Primed for Growth With Built Mighty

They make our business possible.

We couldn’t do what we’re doing without Built Mighty. They make our business possible.

–– Kristin Costello, Cofounder,

Valhalla DSP


Since 2009, Valhalla DSP has been making software plugins to help musicians and audio professionals customize, alter and enhance professional sound quality at a consistently affordable price point.

Finding Dedicated Technical Support

As a small company, Valhalla had always had a minimal website. But after working with a developer to automate payment processes, sales doubled. That’s when Sean and Kristin Costello, owners of Valhalla DSP, hired a web marketing agency to redesign their site for a more elevated look.

Unfortunately, the implementation caused serious problems.

When Sean and Kristin launched a new product and traffic increased, their site melted down, and they had to fill hundreds of orders by hand. After this happened a second time, they knew it was time to move on from their agency.

With a business that hinges on digital downloads, a functioning website was vital to their bottom line. They needed more dedicated technical expertise to continue to grow—and to alleviate the stress that can come along with that growth.

It was urgent that we find somebody who could quickly [...] take over

Our business was growing in size and complexity, and we were vulnerable without the coverage or expertise we needed. It was urgent that we find somebody who could quickly wrap their heads around our business and our tech and take over

–– Kristin Costello,

The Solution


After searching online and speaking to several different web developers, Sean and Kristin immediately felt confident in Built Mighty’s technical capacity. All the issues that their previous agency had struggled to fix, Built Mighty took care of quickly. 

And since Valhalla DSP is a small business, their needs ebb and flow. Built Mighty’s flexible retainer was a perfect fit. Sean and Kristin like that they have a direct relationship and tools to get projects running or quickly address urgent needs, but they don’t have to keep the team busy during down time.  

Built Mighty has used retainer hours to optimize and stabilize the Valhalla DSP site:  

  • Seamlessly implemented a web redesign in collaboration with another creative agency
  • Cached the site and compressed images to make everything load faster 
  • Increased and stabilized server resources to support a larger number of visitors
  • Created a custom search query to prevent the site from freezing when looking up orders
  • Implemented a downloads page to reduce the bounce caused by a free product 
  • Set up Cloudflare protection to improve security 

Sean and Kristin appreciate that, for every project, Built Mighty prioritizes their needs, does the proper due diligence, and thinks proactively to prevent any future problems.

We consider them an extension of our team.

Whenever we need Built Mighty or have a project, they’re right there. They’ll integrate us into their workflow. We consider them an extension of our team.

–– Sean Costello,

The Results


Since partnering with Built Mighty in 2018, Sean and Kristin have seen a massive shift in their business.

Now, instead of feeling nervous before every new product release, they know their site can handle the additional traffic. They launched a free product in 2020 without any of the crashes they’d experienced with their previous agency.

Thanks to the new downloads page implemented by Built Mighty, their best free product has seen a 5,000% increase in downloads, and they’ve seen a significant spike in demo downloads.

And because their website functions better overall, they’re spending less time on customer support.

Best of all, Sean and Kristin say they don’t even have to think about their website anymore. And that peace of mind has freed up their time and energy to focus on what really matters — growing the business. And they feel confident that, whatever comes next, Built Mighty can grow right along with them.

We never have to go into crisis mode anymore.

Built Mighty has had a massive impact on our business. We never have to go into crisis mode anymore. Now we can grow, and the technical side of things is not a problem.

–– Sean Costello,

Your team is about to get a whole lot mightier.

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