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What are Related Products?

Related products, up-sells, and cross-sells offer shop managers the ability to connect related products, display complementary products, and offer alternate or premium versions of products to shoppers.

From the All Products page, hover over a product and select the Edit feature.

Linked Products

In the product data area, select the Linked Products tab. This is where you will find fields to add up-sells and cross-sells.

WooCommerce Linked Products

Up-Sell or Cross-Sell Product Search

To add an up-sell or cross-sell, simply begin typing a product name in the up-sell or cross-sell search field. WooCommerce will search your product catalog and return those related products. Multiple products can be added to the up-sell or cross-sell fields.

Product Data Linked Products Upsells Search

What is an Up-Sell?

Up-sells appear on the product detail page. This is because an up-sell gives your customer an opportunity to see the higher quality or premium versions of products while they browse – the goal is to let them know that there are different versions of that product available.

Upsells Search Hoodie

What is a Cross-Sell?

Cross-sells appear on the cart or check out pages. This is because a cross-sell gives your customer an opportunity to see additional products that may be good complements to the one they are interested in purchasing. For example, a customer might be interested in a hoodie for cold weather and during checkout, you could offer them a winter hat as well.

Cross-sell Search WooCommerce

Categories & Tags

A third means of offering options to customers is to use related products. Related products are products that have the same categories and/or tags. Related products also appear on the product details page and are not controlled by the shop manager – WooCommerce automatically lists random related products in this area. So if a customer is looking at t-shirts, similar t-shirts for sale might also appear. Or if a customer is looking at winter apparel, other hoodies might appear.

Cart Upsell WooCommerce

Final Note

A quick note – up-sells and cross-sells must be managed from within the product editing page. Categories and tags can be managed from the product editing page and also from the Quick Edit feature on the All Products page.

Related Product Hoodie Related Products Customer Experience

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