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How Covid Clinic Gained Critical Site Stability with Built Mighty

Our organization depends on web transactions and a stable environment.

And we needed someone that could fix that. Built Mighty did.

–– Thomas Shaffer, Board Member,

Covid Clinic

About Covid Clinic

Covid Clinic is a nonprofit public benefit corporation based in California that provides access to Covid testing and Covid-related services. They serve 26 states, hundreds of public sites, and numerous public and private partnerships

The Challenge


Covid Clinic started in March 2020 as an immediate response to the public’s request for more accessible testing. Needless to say, the organization’s growth happened fast. And building the infrastructure to keep up was a challenge.

Every time a new Covid surge happened, site traffic would jump from 100 active users at one time to up to 9000. That increase coupled with the site’s numerous built-in applications and plugins would cause the site to crash for hours at a time, multiple times a day. Suddenly, no one could access the site to book tests. Testing site staff were unable to check in the tens of thousands of patients waiting in 3-4 hour long lines. And revenue used to support all the organization’s functions would immediately flatline, costing thousands of dollars a minute.

Thomas Shaffer, Board Member of Covid Clinic, looked high and low to find someone that could solve this crippling problem. But even with multiple developers on the case, no one could come up with more than short-term fixes.

We felt helpless.

“We had all these developers and people working on stabilizing our site. Everyone was trying to figure out what we could do, and there was almost no solution. It was one of the most stressful experiences. We felt helpless.”

The Solution


When Thomas found Built Mighty, he immediately felt confident in the team’s expertise. What really stood out was their ability to grasp the severity of the situation, adapt their approach, and get right to work.

With a contract in place in just hours, Built Mighty jumped in to quickly stabilize the site. Thomas felt the impact within just a few weeks, and his team’s stress levels started to come down for the first time.

Over the next few months, Built Mighty dug in further to address underlying issues and rearchitect Covid Clinic’s system for maximum speed and efficiency. That included rebuilding a customer search function that was taxing the server and contributing to the site crashes. The new component alleviated the load placed on the system and reduced the time it took for employees to find a customer from 5-10 minutes to just seconds.

Thomas saw notable improvements through every stage of the process and especially appreciated Built Mighty’s responsiveness, which is essential for an organization like Covid Clinic that never stops running.

We were hemorrhaging opportunities to serve our patients and needed a tourniquet.

Built Mighty understood that and moved very, very quickly.

The Results


Since working with Built Mighty, Covid Clinic has seen a night-and-day difference in the number of site crashes. The site experienced close to zero down time during the 45-day Omicron surge period, even though Omicron was more severe and drove more traffic to the site than previous surges.

That stability reduced the tremendous amount of stress on overwhelmed Covid testing nurses and clinical employees at the testing sites and, ultimately, improved employee retention.

Best of all, the improved customer experience has meant more business for Covid Clinic, which allows the organization to fulfill its mission of providing barrier-free testing and services to all who need them.

Working with Built Mighty made a big impact.

Even with higher volume, more demands, more sites, and more employees, we experienced significantly more uptime and site stability. Working with Built Mighty made a big impact.

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